Honors Grad With Six-Pack Abs Seeks ‘6 x 3 Corner’


I have up to $100 to spend on housing a month … Maybe you have unused space in your garage. I could buy a filter/face mask. All I need is a small 6 x 3 corner of your living room. I have a sleeping pad to sleep on the ground as I prefer it to the couch. I can actually sleep on 3 lined up cushioned chairs.I actually do have a lot of knowledge skills that could better your life if interested. I graduated magna cum laude at a tier 1 school recently. So maybe in return for room and board, I can provide errand services. I can clean your house, cook, pick up your dry cleaning, movie tickets, make reservations, wait in long lines, food shopping, walk your dog, water your plants, house sit, pick up your mail, research work on the computer etc. Anything that I can do while listening to music is fine. I’m in love with the Internet, and I read up on all sorts of information. I think I’m pretty qualified to tell you how to effectively learn languages, how to strength train and lose weight, what kind of gadgets to buy, how to save hundreds on groceries. My main passion lies with personal health (i’m cut with a six pack) and I’d love to help educate you on fitness and even cook great meals for you. ” [Craigslist via EV Grieve]