If All Is Right at Michael’s, All Shall Be Right With the World

Photo: Getty Images

In the latest installment of her column on the Huffington Post, Betsy Perry, the preeminent Voice of the Greatest Depression, the Edith Wharton of Our Time, visits Michael’s on the day after the election to take the pulse of New York and thus, the world: “Treating myself and a good friend to $38 Cobb salads at Michael’s was worth the price of every lettuce leaf at Manhattan’s epicenter restaurant because I needed to take the pulse of the city albeit in a microcosmic way. It was my first meal of the new era — and it didn’t disappoint … Every pundit from Mary Matalin and Jim Carville to Charlie Rose worked the room and though my suspicion is that most of the media seers and soothsayers will go back on the shelf for another few years one could imagine a few deals being worked on over the massive plates of french fries; Barack Obama’s power broker- dealer Bob Barnett dined with the married pundits and Charlie Rose took his whole team of producers to lunch to celebrate and told me, ‘the whole world is celebrating with us.’ Fox mingled with CNBC and Bloomberg with CNN. All was right once more.” [HuffPo, The Collected Wisdom of Betsy Perry]