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Ira Glass Agrees That He Looks Like Rachel Maddow

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A few times over the past few months we’ve observed that Rachel Maddow, in her normal, not-televised state, looks a little bit like Ira Glass. And apparently we’re not the only ones who have noticed. The This American Life host himself agrees! “We do look like each other!” Glass told us at the Moth Ball last night. “Which is fine with me, though I feel like she’s, like, an adorable woman in her thirties.” Apparently, Maddow and Glass are friends, which could not be more progressive-radio-perfect unless one of his producers married one of her producers — which totally happened. Apparently, at the wedding, Maddow and Glass ran into one another and (this part is conjecture) did that whole Parent Trap thing where they moved their hands in unison to test whether they were looking in a mirror.

Anyway, Glass says he loves “that Rachel Maddow” and feels “an intense loyalty” to her. He watches her show almost every night, and his only regret is that saying she looks like him might not actually be a compliment. “I would never want to say anything that would cause that woman any pain,” he said. “And I feel like, if I could look that adorable and beautiful and pretty, that would just make me feel great.”

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Ira Glass Agrees That He Looks Like Rachel Maddow