Is Andrew Cuomo One of Those People That Uses ‘Literally’ the Wrong Way?

Skelos, Paterson, and Silver: "We're number one!" Photo: Getty Images

Anyone would agree that Andrew Cuomo’s ass is on fire about bonuses right now. But is it literally on fire? Are his knickers literally in a twist about executives rewarding themselves as the American economy literally goes up in flames? He might say so. Today the New York attorney general wrote AIG CEO Edward M. Liddy a letter asking him if he thought he was going to give out bonuses this year after the government provided about $150 billion in loans to rescue the insurer from collapse. “It seems hard to believe that A.I.G. could pay significant bonuses or give raises to its executives after the company has quite literally been bailed out by the American taxpayer.” God, tell us about it. We just did our shift over on the bucket line at the AIG building, and boy, are our arms tired. [Office of the Attorney General via DealBook/NYT]