Ivanka Trump Wants to Motivate You

"In four years, a woman is going to come here and ask you to vote for her. She's going to be very pretty and she's going to remind you of your nice school librarian. But she is evil, and you mustn't listen to her."Photo: Getty Images

Another first-time author scores! First Joe the Plumber inked a deal to write about his thoughts and feelings, and now Ivanka Trump has signed on to write a “motivational title for women of her generation” for Touchtone, according to Publishers Weekly, which “will be based on Trump’s personal experiences in life and business” and will offer “lessons learned from her father as well as other business luminaries” as well as, presumably, lessons on how being photographed straddling a drill in a bathing suit can enhance one’s personal brand. Her “co-author” is Chris Morrow, who assisted Russell Simmons with his self-help title, Do You. Ivanka’s book is as yet untitled, but we’ll be the first ones to say it should so be called Do Me.

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