Joe the Plumber Already Reduced to Low-Budget TV Commercials


Oh no, Joe! Less than a month ago he was one of the most famous men in the world. But ever since he misguidedly sold his memoirs to a random Texan publisher, Joe the Plumber, né Samuel Wurzelbacher, has plummeted back to obscurity faster than a contestant on Joe Millionaire. He’s skipped the reality-show circuit, the promotional work in Japan, and the cross-country party-bus tour and has gone directly to doing low-budget commercials. “This isn’t about politics,” he says in the opening of a commercial for a low-budget electronics outfit, the Velocity Superstore, in which he tries to convince consumers to switch to Direct TV. “It’s about doing the right thing.” He doesn’t come across as particularly trustworthy — not just because of the peach fuzz he seems to have grown but because, clearly, Joe is not doing the right thing. Who’s running his career, Douglas Holtz-Eakin? Also: We hope he’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Because they’re a lot tougher than the IRS.

Joe’s DTV Education Corner [Velocity Store via Wonkette]