Josh Lucas Has Been Wearing the Same Shirt for 45 Days Straight

"Damn right I did!"Photo: Getty Images

Actor Josh Lucas visited a bunch of colleges in his native Pennsylvania to encourage students to vote for Barack Obama this election year. “We went to Villanova, Temple, Lehigh, and Drexel, knocking on freshman doors getting people to vote,” he told the Observer. This strikes us as an excellent strategy, and as far more effective than making a stupid YouTube video. What college freshman wouldn’t want the smoldering star of Sweet Home Alabama showing up at their dorm? “I knocked on this one girl’s door. She looked at her television and saw me on it, then she looked at the door and she went, ‘huh?’” It might have been magic for her! Except: “I was so ready for us to win already, I wore an Obama shirt for 45 days straight,” he added. EW. [NYO]