Lenny Kravitz Sexyhouse Repriced for Gagillionth Time

"I totally saw one of Britney's boobs once, too." "Um, I see Kid Rock's boobs right now."Photo: Getty Images

Lenny Kravitz’s amazing penthouse at 30 Crosby Street, which Curbed aptly calls a “moody orgy palace,” has been on the market for six years, first offered in 2002 at $17 mil, down to $13 mil by 2005, way up to $19.5 mil last spring after a redecoration, and now down again to $18.75 mil. This time around, though, marketers are wisely featuring an added perk: When you hook up your iPod to the amazing sound system and play “Fly Away” or “Dig In,” you will be made love to by Kravitz’s dreadlocked, neo-Hendrixian aura. And that feels even better than positioning yourself just so in a four-jet Jacuzzi. [Curbed]