Franco, Penn, and Watts at the Milk Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

NYU Film School may be excellent, but it seems the curriculum doesn’t include Hollywood schmoozing. We assumed that James Franco, who is studying directing there, would be inundated with requests to appear in classmates’ films and to read screenplays, but he claims not to be so popular. “I haven’t acted in any student films yet,” he told us at the Cinema Society screening of his movie Milk. “You would think that more people would ask me to be in their movies, but they haven’t,” Franco said, laughing. He is casting fellow students, however. “I meet a lot of the Tisch actors, so I’ve asked some of them to be in the movies that I’m directing,” the Spider-Man star told us. He’s just wrapped production on the first of three short films required of first-year students in the program, and says he is now working on the second, a documentary.