Obama’s Attorney General Tap: First African-American to Run Justice Department?

Skelos, Paterson, and Silver: "We're number one!" Photo: Getty Images

Washington lawyer Eric Holder will be picked as Barack Obama’s attorney general, Newsweek reports. Holder was a deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration and is a partner at the elite firm Covington & Burling. He also headed up Obama’s vice-presidential selection team with Caroline Kennedy, but the best part is, he’s a New Yorker, born and raised! He went to Columbia for his undergraduate and law degrees. Oh, and he’s black, which would make him Obama’s first second African-American appointee and the first ever black attorney general of the United States. According to Newsweek, Holder was hesitant about the position because he worried that his confirmation hearing would revive controversy over his role in the Clinton pardoning of financier Marc Rich. That Bill Clinton, always causing problems for the Obama administration! But according to the magazine, Obama has offered Holder the position and he’s accepted it.

FYI, that picture is from 2001, but he totally still has the ‘stache. Rock on!

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