OMG, Penn Badgley Gets Fed Up With Dan Humphrey, Too!

And yet he still makes that face.Photo: Getty Images

Last night, at the opening of the Juicy Couture store in midtown, we plied Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley with questions about who gets killed on the show. Unfortunately, like the smart-aleck he plays on TV, he wouldn’t even give us a hint. “It’s a person,” he said. Oh, hilarious, Penn. You crack us up. That kind of gag must be why Blake/Serena lets you come over and walk her maltapoo every now and again.

But just when we were going to dismiss Penn as a mere Dan-in-real-life, he told us that he, too, is frustrated by his character on the Greatest Show of Our Time. “I think Dan has a lot going for him, but he’s his own worst enemy,” he told us. “I think I’m frustrated a lot of times by how judgmental he is and rigid he is in his morals. That guy needs to loosen up. He needs to loosen the eff up.” Wow! How many times have we written the exact same thing?? So, wait, what’s Penn’s favorite part about playing Dan, then? “Maybe the jeans,” the actor told us. “He’s got great jeans.”