Seventh Generation Founder Responds to Complaints From Tenants About‘Awful’ Conditions

See, if we weren't trying so hard to be nice, the caption for this picture would be, "Seriously??" Photo: Courtesy of Seventh Generation

You’ve heard of those ecofriendly Seventh Generation housecleaning products, right? Well, here’s an odd story. The guy who invented them just bought a $2.2 million co-op in the Upper East Side’s sprawling, white-brick Manhattan House complex, where renters are considering suing over what they call awful conditions meant to drive them out so their units can go co-op. So the ecoguru releases this statement in his defense: “We must ensure that the practice of corporate responsibility is spread to every sector of society. Now is not the time to retreat in fear, but forge ahead to create a better and brighter world for all.” Uh, okay, that’s very inspiring, sir, but what exactly are you talking about? We mean, that is so vague it could almost be ad for Fantastik. [NYT via Curbed]