Some Polling Places Have Lines and Malfunctions, Some Have Bake Sales!

Fired up one last time. Photo: Pat Griffith

Above is the massive line today in Prospect Heights, where some voters have been waiting for over an hour and a half to pull the lever. In Inwood, we hear, at the Baker Field polling center on 218th, there have been huge lines since 6 a.m. and 90-minute waits as well. Reports Vulture’s Dan Kois: “One machine broken, total insanity inside through most of the morning hours. Now thinning out a bit.” A reader told us that in Harlem, lines were up to two hours, and at P.S. 10 in Park Slope, according to New York’s Kaitlin Jessing-Butz, there is a bake sale! “Someone had made a plate of elephant and donkey-shaped ‘Voting Cookies,’” Kaitlin tells us. “At about 9 a.m., they had one Democrat cookie left, while the Republican ones looked pretty untouched.”