The Lonesome Bubba

This is not Summers' (l) best picture. Photo: NYP

This photograph of former president Bill Clinton, sitting alone on a bench in front of a Chappaqua deli the day after the election, raises many questions. Who is he talking to? Is it an O.A. sponsor? “I’m going in. I’m getting the corned beef. It’s not like it matters anymore. No one’s going to want pictures of me anymore. No one CARES.” Did seeing the photographer from the Post keep him from going in? Why is the Post still following him? And what’s the deal with the kids in the background, through the window? What are they eating? Did they see this picture today and go, DUDE! That guy on the bench was Bill Clinton! Or did their parents see it, and totally bust them for skipping school? Perhaps someday, after the photo of the Lonesome Bubba makes its way into history books, we will find out. Until then, we can only ponder. [NYP]