Peeved Prosties Protest Spitzer Verdict

Lauren Bush carrying her "FEED Bag," one of many alternatives to plastics. Photo: Getty Images

Lawyers for the employees of the Emperor’s Club who were charged with prostitution in the wake of the Spitzer scandal are all up in arms about yesterday’s news that the former governor will not face federal charges for patronizing the club’s services, and are trying to use it as leverage to lessen the punishments for their clients. “I believe him to be a much more egregious actor than my client Tanya,” huffed the lawyer for Tanya Hollander, the hippie hooker-booker from Rhinebeck, New York, who pleaded guilty in March and is currently awaiting sentencing, tells today’s Post. We kind of have to agree — Tanya, who was just trying to get her holistic-counseling business off the ground, pretty much just picked the wrong job, whereas Spitzer’s actions were not only illegal but hugely hypocritical, not to mention gross, and emotionally scarred his wife and children and, frankly, many New Yorkers, for whom the words “black socks” may never cease to conjure an unfortunate visual. Of course, he did lose his job and his office. But now he maintains an equally an important title, the lawyer for ringleader Cecil Duwal tells the paper today: “Their decision to not pursue this matter further against our disgraced former governor doesn’t surprise me, as it is not typical or common for federal authorities to prosecute johns, albeit the most powerful john in the state of New York.”