Tim Geithner Likely Treasury Pick, Say Reports

Photo: Getty Images

Andrea Mitchell at NBC is reporting that Obama is going to roll out his economic team on Monday, and his pick for Treasury secretary will be Tim Geithner, the president of the New York Federal Reserve and the protégé of Former Treasury secretary Larry Summers, who was also in line for the job. Which, if it’s true, we guess means the famously self-deprecating Geithner didn’t demur, as some suspected he might. There are a few reasons why Geithner might be a better pick than Summers: He’s more popular, for one, since a lot of people can’t quite seem to forget that whole women-can’t-do-math imbroglio; he’s been a key player in the current economic crisis; and at 47, he’s a fresher face than, you know, some people in a Cabinet that’s starting to look a little Clinton-era. Also, and obviously doesn’t matter (but it doesn’t hurt either) — he is kind of easy on the eyes.

Geithner Tapped for Treasury Secretary [WSJ]