Tim Robbins, Election Avenger, Will Not Be Silenced by The Man


Remember how last week Tim Robbins got into a scuffle with the Board of Elections when they said his name wasn't listed at his usual polling place? And he took two Times reporters with him to fill out a paper ballot, while making a big stink and proclamations about DEMOCRACY and his RIGHTS and VOTER INTIMIDATION. And we were like, For the love of Susan, we're never going to hear the end of this — every four years for the rest of our lives, What Happened to "Actor Tim Robbins" is going to be trotted out by the media as an example of what you should do when you feel there's been an error at your polling place. Well, we were right about the first part. But it turns out, the lesson we glean from actor Tim Robbins is what not to do on Election Day — Sir Robbins got a rather peevish letter from the Board explaining that mistake was actually probably his. "It would appear, based on a review of your voter registration history, that your voting experience was less than positive because you simply went to the wrong poll site," the letter said. Apparently, he filled out more than one registration. “We were confused, but he shouldn’t have been confused,” a Board of Elections spokeswoman told the Times.

“It was confusing for us to try to piece it together, but it’s all very logical: He filled out a new voter-registration form with an entirely new address, and went to the old address.”

Robbins isn't having any of it. “This is a PR stunt by the Board of Elections to try and cover their butts over their ineptitude,” Robbins told Access Hollywood. Mmmm-hmmm.

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