‘Vote for Marbury’ Campaigns the Latest Indignity for Steph

"In four years, a woman is going to come here and ask you to vote for her. She's going to be very pretty and she's going to remind you of your nice school librarian. But she is evil, and you mustn't listen to her." Photo: Getty Images

Stephon Marbury isn’t suiting up for the Knicks these days, but there’s a chance he’ll end up playing on another team this season (besides, of course, the Mavericks). Marbury is, hilariously, on the ballot for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, and we count no fewer than five online initiatives to stuff the virtual ballot box for him.

But as funny as the idea is of Marbury playing in the All-Star Game despite not appearing for the Knicks once this season — and unless he’s traded out of the conference first, he’d have to play, since he’d be elected a starter — it’s yet another “Is this really what it’s come to?” moment for Marbury. He’s gone from an actual NBA All-Star to the guy that patronizing fans vote for as a goof. He’s the Rory Fitzpatrick of the NBA. (Inexplicably, Eddy Curry’s on the ballot, too, though his base doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. So maybe he’s the Bob Barr of the NBA?) Either way, this is probably all moot, because we’re sure commissioner David Stern will see to it that this absolutely does not happen.