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Michelle Williams’s Father Is Extradited to U.S. For Tax-Evasion

"Rise, Army of Anubis!" (Sorry, what is WITH us today?) Photo: Getty Images (Michelle), I Really Trade (Larry)

This is so weird. We never think of celebrities as having actual parents with like their own careers, outside of managing their children or writing tell-all memoirs about them, or using them as leverage to get their own reality shows. Forgive us if you knew this already, but apparently Michelle Williams’s father is a commodities trader and book author — or, well, was, until now. Larry Williams, author of How I Made One Million Dollars … Last Year … Trading Commodities and the unfortunately-named How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years, was arrested on tax-evasion charges back in Australia in 2006, where he’d apparently gone to give a series of lectures (his home is, tellingly, in the U.S. Virgin Islands). He’s been free on bail down under ever since, but now the U.S. is extraditing him so that he can be questioned by the IRS about the $1.5 million in taxes they say he owes, because, we assume, at this point the agency needs every penny. Fascinating.

Michelle Williams’ father to be extradited to US

I Really Trade [Larry Williams Website]

Michelle Williams’s Father Is Extradited to U.S. For Tax-Evasion