Mean-Mommy Cuomo to Revoke Wall Street Bonuses?

This is not Summers' (l) best picture.Photo: Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo got all stern and parental when talking to the Times today about Wall Street bonuses, which he already said he will be investigating and will now, he threatens, maybe try and take away altogether: “Given this economic situation, how do you justify any performance bonus at all, is my initial point,” he said, noting that in the past, bankers and traders were rewarded for taking risks, which didn’t exactly work out for them. “When you incentivize that type of behavior, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find very risky, overly creative, short-term, highly leveraged products,” he said. Oooooooh. We remember what phrases like “that type of behavior” mean when said in that tone of voice. Wall Street is totally getting grounded.

Wall Street’s Pay Is Expected to Plummet [NYT]