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When Leighton Meester Met ComfortablySmug

That is not Smug himself with Leighton. Smug remains, as always, behind the lens. Watching. Waiting. Photo: comfortablysmug

Our amazing commenter ComfortablySmug managed to take the picture of two Gossip Girl stars yesterday — Jenny, and Leighton Meester. “I almost ran into her after turning a corner,” he told us in an e-mail of his Blair-spotting. “She is stunningly beautiful, I was actually impressed.” We wrote back when we opened the picture. The email exchange went kind of went like this:

Pressler: Wow, you got up all close. Did she say anything to you? Like “Get out of my face”?

Smug: She didn’t say anything and I was very surprised by that. She just smiled and the bodyguard guy with her just said don’t stand in the way. I stood around for a couple minutes and she was being pretty nice to the girls who were lined up at the shooting. Again, I have to say she is just stunning in person.


Smug: You know I was just thinking about this and maybe she didn’t say get out of my face or anything like that because she thought i was hot. Does she have a boyfriend or anything?

P.S. Can I get another sex diary if i were to sleep with another sex diarist?

When Leighton Meester Met ComfortablySmug