Why Is the Goot Running in Central Park With No Bottoms?


Say you’re training for the marathon, and you’re doing laps through Central Park. Sure, it’s repetitive and kind of annoying to have to train in New York City, where there are only so many places to run, but everyone looks so happy and healthy! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re enjoying breathing in the cool fall air … and then you see Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg’s bouncing testicles.*

This video of the actor running in a T-shirt and no shorts seems like a joke (seriously, does anybody know why it was made?), but nonetheless, it does document a nearly naked Goot running through the park. He’s clearly in on the gag, but we’re not so sure about the cute old couple he scoots past. Seriously, they look like they just saw a sea cucumber having sex with two mice. Check out the video, but SPOILER WARNING: There is stretching at the end. This isn’t a surprise we’re ruining, we’re just alerting you that it’ll spoil your soul.

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*Okay, so they’re not bouncing that much. Cool fall air and all, you know.