Andrew Cuomo’s Amazing New Strategy: Quietude


You know how we are constantly impressed by Andrew Cuomo’s creative and deep vocabulary? Well, it’s partially because he’s always talking. When you’re the New York State attorney general, there’s a lot to bluster about — never mind when you’re AG and a Cuomo. But the Times, Daily News and Post have noticed something about Cuomo lately: He’s shutting up. Not about everything, certainly, but about one topic specifically — Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be-empty Senate seat.

There are a million reasons why he would be mum on the issue: He doesn’t want to pressure Paterson; competition with Caroline Kennedy is awkward because he had a terrible divorce with her cousin; he doesn’t care; he doesn’t want to seem distracted from his job; conversations between him and Paterson are private because of attorney-client privilege; etc. But a source posits to the Times that the reason may just be this: He really, really wants it bad. Like the way you want fries when you walk by that mystery smell outside McDonald’s bad. For most people, that would mean talking about it all the time — but for a Cuomo, it takes an extra-special, new surprise strategy: saying nothing at all.

A Newly Circumspect Cuomo’s Senate Tap Dance [NYT]