Anne Hathaway Will Get You Shitfaced for Just $12K


The other night in Los Angeles, Anne Hathaway auctioned off a date with herself to benefit the Trevor Project, a crisis helpline for LGBT youth. “I’m not usually very forward, but I thought if there was ever a crowd for me to do something like this, this is my crowd so I would like to auction myself off,” she said, “for drinks somewhere fabulous and basically get you totally s— faced. Tell me what I’m worth.” The winning bid came in at $12,000. Which is really such a bargain! She used to be worth $20,000! And poor Raffaello Follieri had to pay so much more. It must be the recession. Intel readers, hold fast to your piggy banks. If she makes an offer like this again, we are all combining forces and going.

Date With Anne Hathaway Goes for $12,000 [People]