Some People Are Getting Bonuses This Year


Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, had to give up his bonus this year. So did Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, and Edward Liddy of AIG, and even John Thain of Merrill Lynch (even though he secretly, probably, believes he deserves that $10 million dollars for fobbing off the firm onto Bank of America and once the tables are righted he will probably physically ingest double that amount just out of spite). But you know who did get bonuses? Everyone at The Nation. Yes. Employees at the country’s oldest and left-est newsweekly took home a cool $250 each this year, as their contract with the Communication Workers of America dictates they should. They also had a pretty decent holiday party, which was, despite being in the office and potluck, according to magazine publicist Ben Wyskida, “Relatively raucous. There was a lot of people, a lot of food,” and since Katrina vanden Heuvel and company sprung for a luxe martini bar, “a substantial amount of drinking.” So what did Wyskida do with his holiday windfall? “Specifically?” he asked. “I spent it on paying my roommate back for utilities.”

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