Barbra Streisand and George Bush Embrace, Sing ‘I Got You Babe’ Together at Kennedy Center Honors


Look at this picture of George Bush and Barbra Streisand at the Kennedy Center Honors. They look downright chummy, right? They’re sharing a stage and joking around with each other. You’d never believe Streisand had once called Bush “an alien sent here to destroy the Earth.” “Art transcends politics this weekend,” Streisand joked after “gingerly” embracing the president. The singer was then unable to stop herself from adding that it would have been “lovely” to have been presented the award by Barack Obama or Bill Clinton instead. Still, it’s a heartwarming thing that they got together and posed for pictures in the spirit of bipartisan support of the arts, right?

What? That’s not George Bush up there in that picture? It’s comedian Steve Bridges, from a Bush-bashing appearance during a Streisand tour in 2006? You say there aren’t any photos of Barbra posing with the president and she had to be seated several chairs away from him at the concert (as seen in the inset)? Oh, sorry! She was wearing the same outfit during both appearances, so we got confused. We thought liberals were all “forgive and forget” these days. Silly us.

President George W. Bush & Barbra Streisand embrace - and it’s like buttah [NYDN]