Billy Bob Thornton Stole Kate Bosworth’s Legs


Today the Daily News has an absolutely genius slideshow that we wish we’d thought of: famous men wearing small pants. Now, in their inimitable tabloid way, they manage to include a lot of stars whose pants aren’t actually that tiny, but are probably just more snug than the beltless Bugle Boys the guys in the newsroom wear. But the last slide in the series is the one here, in which Billy Bob Thornton is indeed sporting some seriously tiny trousers. Look at that picture. From the waist down he looks like Jennifer Connelly. From Labyrinth. We can’t stop looking at this image. His jeans have that crumpled look that indicates that the only thing inside is a ghost. Or Lara Flynn Boyle.

Oh, also, is that a vial of Angelina Jolie’s blood he’s still wearing around his neck? Because that would actually explain some things.

Big Names, Tiny Pants [NYDN]