Bloomberg Backs Up Kennedy Without Backing Her


We love how Bloomberg has erected this sort of logical barrier between what everyone knows he's doing, and what he officially states he is doing — as though without saying certain magical words in front of a microphone, whatever he's up to behind closed doors doesn't count. He never said he was looking into running for president, but we all knew he was. It took him forever to announce that he would seek a change on term limits, but everyone knew that's what he was going to do the whole time. Now he says he is not officially supporting Caroline Kennedy's bid to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, but at the same time he gets his aides to help her and comes out at press conferences with statements like these:

"The fact that she comes from a family with an illustrious history of service to this country, you certainly shouldn't hold it against her … She has conducted her life I think in an exemplary manner. She should be judged, however, on her ability, and I think on that basis Caroline Kennedy will do just fine … Being a senator, you don't have to know about every issue coming in. That's what your staffs are for … What you want to have in a senator is somebody that is very smart, very honest, very hardworking, willing to listen, get advice from everybody and then make decisions and they vote. They're one out of 100 people that vote together and Caroline Kennedy is imminently qualified to be a senator."

Come on, what are we, 6? Mayah, please.

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