Gabrielle Anwar Doesn’t Believe in Television


Gabrielle Anwar, who plays an ass-kicking former IRA agent on USA’s Burn Notice, doesn’t actually own a TV. “I don’t believe in it,” she told us at last night’s premiere of Good. “I’d rather be living my own life than witnessing somebody else living theirs.” But what about fans of her show? “They’re just a bunch of losers!” she said, but added kindly: “But hey, those losers are paying my rent and I love them dearly.” She prefers spending her free time using her hands, which these days means making holiday gifts. “My kids are sort of like, ‘Oh jeez, mom! Do you have to get the glue gun out again?’ But that’s kind of what we’re about this time of year.” So what kind of crafts does she make? “One year, thanks to Martha Stewart, we made snow globes. We modeled out of clay each person [to whom] we were giving” a snow globe. “We did a little sort of bust of that person. I’m not talking about a boob, I’m talking about their actual face. It was pretty great. The only problem, Martha-bloody-Stewart, is that the liquid dried up within days, so please put that down on your Website.” We’ll pass along the message.