Chuck Todd Named Chief White House Correspondent, a Role He Will Dominate


We’re not ashamed to admit that when David Gregory was named the host of Meet the Press a couple weeks ago, we shed a single tear, and it fell right into our soup, which we continued to eat. It’s not that we have anything against Gregory — he’ll probably do fine. But we were really pulling for Chuck Todd, who went from nearly zero name recognition outside of Washington before he became NBC News’ political director last year to … well, most people still don’t know who he is. And that’s a shame, because Todd is the antithesis of the emotional, blustery talking heads that dominate cable news. His always-insightful analysis and deep knowledge would have been perfect for those Sundays when you’re unexpectedly conscious at 10:30 a.m. Plus, he has a sweet goatee, which we can personally empathize with.

Alas, Todd will have to settle for another great position, that of chief White House correspondent (Gregory’s previous job), to which he was promoted today, and at which he will excel to a degree never before witnessed by man. We almost feel bad for Barack Obama for having to face Todd at his press conferences, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the president quickly appoints Todd to some far-off ambassadorship just to get him out of the way. But that won’t stop him. Nothing will stop Chuck Todd.

Todd NBC’s chief White House correspondent [MSNBC]
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