Current Madonna and Jesus Out-Google Earlier Madonna and Jesus Nine to One


So yesterday we heard rumors about Madonna hooking a young Brazilian model named Jesus Luz while she is on tour in South America. The reports said that they met on a W shoot, but even Perez Hilton was skeptical until the pair were photographed together at a dinner in São Paolo. We’re pretty sure we don’t believe this story, even though the model is as cute as a button (on a pair of opened Dolce & Gabbana jeans, that is). And we wouldn’t have even brought it to your attention had we not gone to Google to learn more about the story and discovered that today, if you search for “Madonna” and “Jesus,” the story is everywhere. In fact, on the first page of Google, only one report is about that other Madonna and Jesus. You know, the ones from the most popular book in all of history?

Sorry, it’s a little too close to Christmas to speculate any more on what this all means. But, wow.

We Found Jesus [Perez Hilton]