Debate Rages in Greenpoint Over Semiotics of Breast-Feeding


A poster for a “Breast-Feeding Circle” led in Greenpoint has set off a heated gentrification debate on New York Shitty. “Congratulations Greenpoint! You’re looking (if not smelling) more like Park Slope with each and every passing day!,” wrote blogger Miss Heather. An aggrieved commenter wrote a long rebuttal: “Full disclosure: I’m a male, and cannot lactate,” he finished. “But I am a father, and I’ve come as close as I can to the experience short of having an infant give me a titty-twister every two hours for 6–12 hours.” Hmmm. Breast-feeding circles a sign of gentrification? Perhaps. Men who declare themselves lactation experts a sign of gentrification? Absolutely. [Newyorkshitty]