Did Hillary Clinton Tear Up During Today’s Obama Press Conference?

This is not quite the moment (you can tell because her eyeliner is still intact), but we'll let you know if we find a better pic. Photo: Getty Images

When we asked which of her most famous facial expressions Hillary Clinton would don during today’s press conference announcing Obama’s National Security and State Department appointees, we thought we had come up with all of them. But there is one Hillary face that we forgot, perhaps the most famous of them all: the cry! And we’re not sure — it was a little hard to tell — but we swear Hillary welled up when Obama extolled her virtues as an international diplomat. “I have known Hillary Clinton as a friend, a colleague, a source of counsel, and a tough campaign opponent. She possesses an extraordinary intellect and a remarkable work ethic. I am proud that she will be our next secretary of State,” Obama said. “Hillary’s appointment is a sign to friend and foe of the seriousness of my commitment to renew American diplomacy.” Later, Hillary was her tough, funny self. She thanked her “fellow New Yorkers” at the podium. “You’ve also helped prepare me well for this new role,” she said. “After all, New Yorkers aren’t afraid to speak their mind and do so in every language.” But in that brief moment during Obama’s speech, when the camera panned to a very serious-looking Clinton, her eyes were definitely glistening. If this is the case, Obama has made the toughest woman in America cry, twice. Terrorists, watch out — this guy’s for real.

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