Do You Have Lots of Money and Unresolved Personal Issues?


Every once in a while here at Daily Intel, we are in a position to help our dear, beloved readers. And we are so very glad to do so! Today, for example, we heard about something you may want to get involved with. See, you know how the economy has been screwing with everybody, even the extremely rich? Well, there's been an obvious solution to all of this that has been staring us in the face the whole time: reality television! Of course! It will give rich people something to do with their time, and for the rest of us it will put a human face on the shadowy people who messed up the economy in the first place! A casting company is sending around a call for New York's "rich, powerful and elite" to audition for a reality-based program on a major network. Here's what they're asking:

• Have you made your millions through countless hours of hard work & sweat?

• Were you “fortunate” enough to be born into a financially successful family?

• Are you so busy, you often don’t have time to work through personal issues?

• Do you constantly have unresolved issues on your mind?

This sounds like reality gold. And we know for a fact there are some regular readers of this blog who qualify. Shooting starts in February. Send your story to Our future is in your hands!