Eric Holder’s Middle Name Is Himpton


Eric Holder will get a $3 million payout when he leaves his law firm, Covington & Burling, to become Barack Obama’s attorney general next month, according to a questionnaire he filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee. This will bring his personal wealth to around a not-too-shabby $9 mil, which is enough to enable him to buy that sweet vintage ride he’s had his eye on, but not so much that it would raise any mustaches eyebrows. But what may end up being of some concern are some other revelations in the file, such as the information that Holder’s middle name is the decidedly goofy “Himpton” (What is that? It sounds like a cartoon elephant) and the fact that his doctor wife, Sharon Denise Malone, delivered incoming White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s daughter. What? Ew. We find this frankly shocking. We thought we were getting a fresh administration, staffed team-of-rivals-style with people hand-chosen from far corners of the country for their brains and expertise. But that just reminds us of, like, the Waltons.

Holder will get $3M payoff to leave firm for AG job [Politico]
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