Getting Busted for Coke Dealing Is Surprisingly Hilarious


Last night two young students at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Christine Scafa and McKenzie Dippenworth, were busted for running a cocaine ring out of their Chelsea dorm room. They got busted when they started selling bags of the drug to undercover cops at 27th Street clubs like Home. You’d think it would be so scary to get busted in your dorm at such a young age for such a serious crime, but apparently that wasn’t the case. From the Post:

Oh, my God, are you guys serious!” Dippenworth yelled to photographers as the giggling pair were led from the Seventh Precinct station house last night. “We’re not Plaxico Burress!” said Scafa before an older man interrupted. “Christine, don’t say anything,” he told her. But Dippenworth chuckled back, “Well, I’m a Plaxico Burress fan.”

Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure they weren’t weed dealers?


Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure they weren’t weed dealers?