God Josh Schwartz Answered Our Prayers and Axed Aaron Rose!


We don’t know exactly how it will happen (and we’re actually kind of hoping that it does without sacrificing Wallace Shawn, who plays his father and Blair’s new stepdad), but according to the Los Angeles Times, the rat-faced serial killer (we presume) will not be in any more episodes of the show. We knew it would be a discrete story-line arc, but we had been steeling ourselves for the worst. The LAT wrote a sweet sort of farewell letter to him (they blamed his final demise on the facial hair), but we’d rather have more fun. Let’s speculate on how he disappears! Does he take up with a harem of girls in South America while he’s with Serena, and then ask her one too many times why she’s always pursing her lips? Does he run away into the rain forest to explore his “art”? Or, wait, wait, we’ve got it — he dies in a fiery plane crash while crossing the same Andean mountain range where Mrs. Bass died!!

’Gossip Girl’: Aaron Rose is outta here [Show Tracker/LAT]