‘Golden Goose’ Gets Canned


This lady Nina Devlin is sure having a grim holiday season. Last week, she found out that her husband, ex–Lehman Brothers salesman Matthew Devlin, was running an insider-trading ring. Furthermore, she found, it was based upon information she had unwittingly told him about deals going on at the Brunswick Group, the public-relations firm where she works. Then she learned that he called her “the golden goose” in e-mails, which made her sound utilitarian and also, frankly, chubby, which we’re sure she didn’t appreciate either. Especially since, as it turned out, one of his insider-trading buds was ex-Playmate Maria Checa (left), who once made a film called Lusty Latin Ladies. Now Nina’s been suspended from her job, even though it seems like so far her only real sin was to marry a stupid frat boy and talk to him like he was a human being. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies.

Brunswick Group Suspends Wife of Ex-Lehman Salesman [Bloomberg]
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