Kate Winslet’s Captivating Cleavage Takes Another Victim


The late Heath Ledger’s Broome Street apartment can’t find anyone to pay its $26,000-a-month rent because the realty market has sagged, and because the place is spooky. Ron Perelman and his ex Patricia Duff ultimately showed exemplary maturity in working out a custody and child-support agreement for their daughter, Caleigh. The judge said they all did “some very hard work emotionally!” Mayor Bloomberg will cut back holiday costs this year by inviting City Hall reporters to chip in $45 each for dinner at a Chinatown restaurant instead of at Gracie Mansion. Harvey Weinstein thanked Scott Rudin publicly at the New York premiere of The Reader for all Rudin’s hard work on the movie, suggesting their bitter row over the film’s release date may be finally over. And speaking of that premiere, Cindy Adams says that star Kate Winslet wore a low-cut dress sporting a “bosom so creamy and ripe it almost made me want to switch.” Okay, Cindy, you got all paw-ish with Beyoncé’s curves the other night, and now this. You need to talk to Liz, Cin, because it’s okay to come out! You’ll be the same old lovable crank to us, just one who loves the lady lumps.

On a D.C.–New York flight, Guv Paterson’s aides, reading aloud the Post’s odds on whom the Guv might pick to take Hillary’s Senate seat, “seemed amused” by the 4–1 odds on Andrew Cuomo. Regis Philbin backed his SUV into a parked police cruiser leaving a party in Greenwich and got a written warning. Tricia Walsh-Smith, who thoughtfully critiqued her Broadway-producer husband in a series of measured and tasteful YouTube clips, is now bouncing on a bed in bondage gear in a music video on her Website. Bisexual gay-mag publisher Neal Boulton got a book deal for a memoir about raising two kids in an open marriage with a bi wife, after the Post profiled him last Sunday.

Mickey Rourke has lost ten of the 34 pounds he put on to star in The Wrestler. Boy George was convicted by a jury of falsely imprisoning that Norwegian hustler he chained to the bed. Britney is still a total mess no matter what she may be presenting on the surface, all the celeb mags say generously this week. Kim Kardashian maintains her butt by jogging backward on a treadmill. Kim, have you tried the great aerobic exercise jogging backward in time? To before we’d heard of you? It’s very toning! Jay Leno signs the most autographs and Gwyneth Paltrow signs the least, says the Autograph magazine survey. Diddy has a new cologne out called “I Am King.” Wait, Didds, weren’t you the one the other day saying that you were Sasha Fierce? What is it with the new R&B-icon first-person declaratives? Can’t we all just be ourselves, nice people trying to get by in a crummy economy who are damn glad it’s Friday?