Guy and Madonna to Yoga It Out Over the Holidays


Leading a bundle of racy weekend gossip items, Jay-Z shopped at BoConcept for a “sleep-size” sofa and some other furniture for his recording studio. Mario Batali paid $20,000 for an arty lunch box Michael Stipe did for a charity event for the Food Bank of New York. Aretha Franklin didn’t get to go onstage and sing at a military charity event in Times Square because people didn’t get the right sound permits. Amy Poehler said good-bye on SNL to go do her own NBC sitcom. Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber gave birth to another baby boy in New York this weekend. Supermarket magnate and possible mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis’s daughter Andrea is dating Richard Nixon’s grandson Christopher Nixon Cox. Checkers in the check-out line! Divorcing couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie will spend Christmas as a family in England, but Madonna will eat only fish and, for those worried about her taut body crashing all at once if she takes a day off from yoga, will work out that day, too.

Cindy Adams shrewdly predicts of Bernie Madoff that “the eventual movie will probably be titled ‘Betrayal.’” She also has a run-in with a short, old, mute waiter named Alfred. Charlie Sheen’s two young daughters were not hurt in a crash involving a car driven by their nanny. Andrew Morton’s shopping a book about Michelle Obama.

Jennifer Aniston was looking for backup boyfriends just in case she and John Mayer weren’t together for the premieres of her new movies. Not only is Britney guesting on Madonna’s tour, Madonna may guest on Britney’s tour. Marc Jacobs and Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden are having a bromance. Ne-Yo wants to work with Marilyn Manson. Will Smith is probably going to do a Hancock sequel (maybe with Charlize Theron) and an I Am Legend prequel. Sigourney Weaver once woke up with a mouse on her chest and talked to him.