How to Hunt Anderson Cooper: A Guide for NeNe


We've known for a while that Anderson Cooper loves reality television that capitalizes upon the foibles of the nouveau riche. It's probably the inherent horror from his Vanderbilt roots, combined with a deep love of all things camp. Anyway, first it was My Super Sweet Sixteen, then it was Living Lohan, and now it is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Anderson discussed his love for the show while chatting with Ellen DeGeneres recently, and ever since then, NeNe has been publicly begging him to call her. Until now, she hasn't seemed to have much success, but Page Six Magazine reports she has now taken the hunt to New York City:

"He is a fox, and I am his girlfriend," NeNe said, laughing. "How hot is he? He's my biggest fan and I'm gonna see him tonight. I love Anderson, and I know all about those messages he's been sending me. I'm gonna give him kisses and tell him how cute he is when I see him tonight."

Oh no, no, NeNe. That kind of frontal attack will never work with the skittish Manderson. You have to come at him from a direction where he can't see you coming. How does one properly stalk a Cooper in the wild?

Step One: Hang out at his favorite haunts: The Equinox at the Time Warner Center is a good place to catch him during the week. You probably can't sneak into the men's locker room, but your next-best bet is to look for him near the free dumbbells.

Step Two: Show some skin: Yours is black, so that's a good start. But don't overdo the cleavage — he's more of an arm man.

Step Three: Be fabulous: Anderson really loves powerful, funny women. Kelly Ripa, Kathy Griffin, Oprah Winfrey. They are among his closest friends.

Step Four: Show off your sports skills: Anderson loves playing. He famously swam against Michael Phelps and played goalie for David Beckham. This strategy might not work for you, NeNe, but it's worth a shot. Maybe it's time to join a rugby team?

Step Five: Flash your integrity: Anderson likes nothing better than "Keeping Them Honest." This whole sketchy mess with your Atlanta home? Better be straight about that and most other things.

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