Howard Wolfson Is Not Done With Us Yet


After over a year of insane cross-country road trips, hours of berating reporters over the phone and in person, and constant battles with his own colleagues, you’d think Hillary Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson would want at least twelve months of a break from intense politicking. You’d hope, even. The dude settled down with a nice fat Fox News consulting paycheck and a relaxing couple of little blogs. But no. We haven’t seen the last of ol’ Howie and his Bill Cosby sweaters. He’s signed on to help with Mayor Bloomberg’s reelection campaign, which means that Hizzoner is expecting a knock-down, drag-out fight. He’ll join Bloomberg’s new campaign manager, Brad Tusk, who was last known as Rod Blagojevich’s “pugnacious” deputy governor in Illinois. This one is going to be rough on all of us, we can just tell.

Also? An anagram for Brad Tusk and Howard Wolfson is “A Blowhard’s Wonks of Turd.” How awesome is that?

Clinton Aide Joins Bloomberg’s Re-election Effort [City Room/NYT]