Leary and Breslin at the Marley and Me Premiere


Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff’s dog, Buddy, is a typical New Yorker, neuroses and all. “Buddy is really a city dog. He doesn’t like going to the country; he gets very anxious and nervous in the country,” Rosenthal told us at a dogs-included Tribeca Cinema Series screening of Marley & Me. The golden retriever, she says, jumps into any car that pulls into the driveway at the family’s country house. “He jumps in and he’s like, ‘You going back to the city? Can I have a ride?’” the Tribeca Enterprises executive says. “He’s very much the Woody Allen of dogs,” said Rosenthal. The dog was well behaved on the red carpet, but he seemed a bit jumpy among the hordes of dogs at the prescreening cocktail reception. Later, when she introduced the movie, Rosenthal welcomed everyone and said they were happy to welcome dogs at the Tribeca Cinemas. “Buddy Hatkoff, my dog, had an anxiety attack after he walked the red carpet, so he went home,” Rosenthal told the audience.

Other dogs are more confident. Denis Leary says he lets his pooch, Daphne, drive his car. “Now, not in the city, but in the country. People think that’s crazy, but really, there’s not a lot of traffic out there, and she’s a good driver,” he told us. “She doesn’t drink — designated driver, which comes in really handy on New Year’s Eve.” And Chuck Scarborough’s dog, Oliver, went skiing with the family in Italy. “He actually got a ski pass. It was in Courmayeur,” Scarborough explained. He rode up the gondola (which required the pass) and “had lunch dates” with an Italian friend. “He got to sit in all the restaurants,” Ellen Scarborough explained. “It was wonderful.”