Kevin Sheekey Squashed


Depending on whom you ask, Mayor Bloomberg’s political guru, Kevin Sheekey, has either reined himself in over his work for Caroline Kennedy’s Senate bid or Kennedy herself has asked him to back off. Either way, Sheekey has pulled back on his aggressive push to connect Kennedy with labor leaders and political heavyweights, because “it was hurting her.” “Everything was backfiring,” a source told the Post about Sheekey’s behind-the-scene efforts. “He’s not out front anymore.” Another source told the Daily News that “huge missteps” had been made with his strategy.

But Caroline is not giving up! At some point, people have to stop getting angry with her for trying to force her way into power using her money, powerful allies, and the help of her billionaire friends, right? If not, Mayor Bloomberg’s going to really have to re-think his own reelection strategy.

Kennedy camp reigns in Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey’s Senate seat lobbying efforts [NYDN]