Madonna’s Publicist Trying to Make a Mountain Out of a Divorce Settlement


The numbers came out yesterday regarding Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce settlement. According to Liz Rosenberg, publicist for the pop star, Her Madgesty doled out between $76 and $92 million to the director, and let him keep her gorgeous English country house. Rosenberg called the settlement “one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement,” and the tabloids totally bought the line. Apparently they don’t do much with things like “Google” or “institutional memory” over there, because even if the settlement was $92 million, that’s chump change. How could they have forgotten when:

• Rupert Murdoch shelled out a rumored $1.7 billion to ex-wife Anna?
• Roman Abramovich paid $2.5 billion to ex-wife Irina?
• Sumner Redstone forked over an estimated $1.5 to 2.5 billion to his ex, Phyllis?

Even non-billionaires like Michael Jordan, Neil Diamond, and Jack Welch handed over as much as twice what Madonna is giving.

God, you know you’ve been writing about the rich and famous for too long when you scoff at a figure like $92 million.

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