Man of the People Andrew Cuomo Enjoys Defending the Little Guy


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is all about helping you, the regular guy. Evidence of this: Back when his staff first told him about problems people who had invested in funky financial instruments called "auction-rate securities" were having, he pooh-pooh-ed it, according to Fortune. "Look for an issue," he told them, "that affects regular people." And when he finally found out that auction-rate securities did not have to do with Sotheby's and that they did affect "the middle class," not just, as one of his economic advisers put it, "people who drive up in limousines," he was determined to do something about it. Not because he wants to run for governor, but because he cares. He cares about justice for the little people so much that you almost forget he's basically part of a dynasty and was married to a Kennedy. Except when the sailing metaphors slip out:

"Do you know what this is?" he asked [chief of staff] Cohen, pointing to a tool on his desk. "It's a marlin spike. A marlin spike is what a sailor uses to untie knots. We need to be more like marlin spikes here."

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