Marc Dreier Is the ‘Houdini of Impersonation’


Ooh. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Streeter got a little carried away today at the bail hearing for Marc Dreier, the Park Avenue lawyer who was arrested this week for allegedly bilking hedge funds out of hundreds of millions of dollars by selling them phony debt. He actually sounded pretty impressed by the defendant: “He is the Houdini of impersonation and false documents,” he announced, adding that that the people Dreier conned were “very sophisticated investors.” Wow. The Houdini of impersonation. If we were Dreier, we’d be feeling pretty cool right about now. On the other hand, poor Sam Israel. He’s like the Criss Angel of impersonation and false documents.

Lawyer Dreier, ‘Houdini of Impersonation,’ U.S. Says [Bloomberg]