Martha Stewart Likely Horrified That Sandra ‘Semi-Homemade’ Lee Is Moving to Bedford


Donny Deutsch was caught making out with a married woman by the P.I. her husband had hired to tail her. Sandra Lee, who makes the semi-appalling food on the Semi-Homemade Food Network show, is moving to fancy Bedford, probably much to the embarrassment of classier kitchen diva Martha Stewart. She’s also been dating New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for more than three years, did you know that? Does she put Cool Whip on his Swiss Roll, you think?

Cuddle Guv Paterson is being cuddled left and right by people who want him to appoint them to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. Gwyneth Paltrow is holed up in London with hub Chris Martin, desperately trying to save her marriage, but supposedly she’s more into hanging with Madonna than him. Alt-rock guy Ryan Adams will write a weekly column forBlackBook about life on the road promoting his new album. D.J. AM wouldn’t stop spinning at a club long enough to have his picture taken with The Bachelorette’s Deanna Pappas, which made her sad. Gossip girls Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen are set to release albums, but Blake Lively can’t sing.

Ricky Martin is raising his two sons (via a surrogate mother) without a nanny. Justin Timberlake sure loves playing those geeky, goofy parts on SNL, huh? Toni Braxton missed the finale of Dancing With the Stars to have a tumor removed from her breast, but thankfully it was benign. Mariah Carey’s supposed pregnancy has supposedly shut down her tour. Jennifer Connelly stays thin by eating a lot of apples, she says. And how awesome is it that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz tried to sell photos of their new baby to celeb mags, but nobody wanted them? Even in the Greatest Depression, good things can happen!