Matthew Broderick Has a Mouse Problem


Matthew Broderick plays the voice of the title character in Universal’s animated Despereaux, an adorable mouse with teacup ears. But in real life, creatures of the rodent persuasion kind of freak the actor out a little. Especially the sneaky, agile kind that populate the West Village where he lives. “We had a mouse problem,” Broderick told us at the movie’s Saturday premiere. “I was once watching TV, and one crawled straight up a curtain to the ceiling,” he said. “That scared me; I didn’t know they could climb up to the ceiling.” So what did he do? Swat it with one of wife Sarah Jessica Parker’s Emmys? Not quite. He brought in reinforcements. “I froze, and very delicately picked up my cell phone and called my assistant [and said] that there’s a mouse up very high on a curtain,” Broderick recalled. Huh, we said. What did he want her to do about it? “Come get me.”