Another Obama Sibling! Barack’s Equally Nerdy Half-Brother, Mark


As we’ve noted, President-elect Barack Obama’s family tree is complicated. Of his seven living half-siblings, the media has primarily paid attention to Maya Soetroro-Ng (daughter of Obama’s late stepfather Lolo Soetoro), Auma Obama, and his estranged, Nairobi-dwelling brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama. But now, thanks to this Chinese news report — it’s entirely in Mandarin in Cantonese — the world is getting its first look at Obama’s half-brother Mark Ndesandjo, who has lived in Shenzen, China for the last few years (and speaks Mandarin). In addition to running an Internet company, World Nexus, Ndesandjo spends his days teaching orphans to play the piano and practicing calligraphy. So, basically, he makes most people look like lazy wastes of space, just like his half-brother.

News report on Obama’s half-brother Mark Ndesandjo in Shenzhen, China [Shanghaiist]